BN Photographs

We have ultimate aim of collecting a picture of every BN-2 in every colour scheme!

We have a collection of 1000s of Islander, Defender & Trislander photographs (Slides, Colour and B&W prints and digital). 

Our aim of collecting a picture of every BN-2 in every colour scheme is quite a task but we're quite some way in getting there! 

Looking at every aircraft, out of over 1200 BN-2 aircraft delivered there are only 2 we do not have any pictures of at all. In the hope someone out there can help, the 2 missing aircraft are:

3001 RP-C258, 3001

3003 RP-C530, 3003

These are Philippine Air Force aircraft which could prove difficult to find! 

There are a large number of UK registered BN-2s that escaped our cameras at Bembridge. Click here to see the list. Again, please get in touch with us if you have a picture of any of these BN-2s.


We have our entire collection of photographs catalogued on a PC database and offer a service of digital prints. If you need a picture of a particular Islander, Defender or Trislander - we may well have it! contact us with your specific requirements. (Identify the aircraft with the aircraft registration, plus colour scheme and date if possible)


6x4 colour prints - £2 each, 5x7 colour prints - £4 each. Carriage: extra, please contact us for carriage costs


Over the years we have collected many examples of good quality original slides of BN aircraft. Some of these are surplus to our requirements. If you are interested in buying any of these let us know your specific requirements, and we may be able to help you! Prices of individual slides start from £1 each. Carriage extra, payment with order.

Please contact us and see if we have a spare slide of the BN-2 you need!

We need more!

If you have any BN-2 aircraft in your collection - we may need copies. Please contact us with a list and we'll let you know if we need the pictures. We can scan all types of photographs, slide or negative, if you're prepared to lend your originals to us.

Selling your BN collection - contact us first, we may want to buy it from you!

We're looking forward to hearing from you!